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Please note the email server was updated un-expectantly.

To view your email immediately, please use Starfish mail.
http://mail.bytheshore.com Type this URL into any Web browser to get your Starfish email.
At the log in screen you will need to enter your full email address and password.


Changes that need to be made in outlook, or other mail client are as follows:

In coming mail server: mail.bytheshore.com

Username is full email address-

If you are using Verizon, Comcast, OptOnline or any other broad band service your outgoing email server is the broadband provider’s settings and you more than likely already have them set. They may not need to be changed.

If you use Internet by the Sea as the outgoing mail server the new mail server is:


Also if you are using IBTS mail setting for out going, within the advance settings in your email program you will need to change the outgoing to 2525,

but only if you are NOT using Verizon, Comcast,etc
Click here for informiton about setting up your email on your phones,tablet or computers


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